Bicycle-Powered Compostable Waste Collection in the Friendly City

Who we are

We are a bicycle-powered food scrap pick-up service that makes composting easy & accessible for residences, restaurants and bussinesses in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Our goal is simple: we want to help turn our organic “waste” into fuel for healthy, locally grown food in our community.


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 How it Works…


Soil Cycles is subscription based

For a monthly contribution of $25, you get:

One 5 gallon bin & a biodegradable liner for your scraps 

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Weekly pick-up at your home or apartment

We take it to centrally located Hubs. The hubs are provided by Black Bear Composting where they are picked up every week.

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Finished compost is delivered to your home 

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 in case you do not have the place for finished compost, you can support our local farms/community gardens by donating the compost to them!

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For just composting with us, you can receive discounts at local businesses/restaurants who think you’re awesome for composting

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Why Compost?

SoilCycles & our partners are interested in moving Harrisonburg toward a smarter, more sustainable energy future.

Why send our food scraps to a landfill when we can use them to nourish local food systems & help us build a healthier community?


When food breaks down in a compost pile, it produces beneficial nutrients that our gardens love. When food breaks down, in a landfill, it produces methane, a powerful contributor to the greenhouse effect & climate change.

At SoilCycles, we believe that all the energy & resources we invest in growing food & bringing it to our tables should not simply be thrown away.

Instead, we should cycle it back into our food production systems to create a thriving local food economy!

What’s your impact?

When you sign up with SoilCycles, you join a growing community of people who are taking leadership on an issue where individual action truly counts.

Every year, 52 million tons of food is discarded to landfills. This waste results in a loss of $218 billion to our economy & contributes 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions to our atmosphere. Just imagine if Harrisonburg’s 50,000 people took themselves out of that equation!

More than the big numbers, taking these simple steps to reduce unnecessary waste in our community can inspire our fellow community members and our future community leaders to take action on problems facing our city.

Let’s build the best community we can imagine.

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