My encounter at the Europa Casino

Engaging in online wagering can be an immensely enjoyable experience. Probably like myself, you take great pleasure in discovering new casinos to visit and enjoy your games at. I personally experienced this sentiment with great intensity when I first encountered Europa Casino not too long ago. It is inconceivable that I had not discovered this casino earlier, given its eons-long existence. To be more explicit, Europa Casino already established itself in 2004—at least in Europe—across the globe. It was almost like falling in love at first sight when I discovered this casino; where had it been my entire life? Undoubtedly, every casino has its imperfections, but I was astonished to discover a “new old” Malta-licensed online casino that I had never heard of before!

Upon entering Europa Casino, one is promptly met with familiar visages and visual stimuli. You will find the bearded man from Gonzo’s Quest (presumably Gonzo himself), another bearded man from Age of Gods, and a white lion from the video game White King at the top of the page. All of this while segments from the film Starburst play in the background. Merely beholding this spectacle reassures one that they have arrived at a favourable location.

My hit-and-miss overview of Europa Casino begins here.


When conducting research on potential online casinos, I consistently prioritise reputable customer service. Europa Casino operates since 2004 and is duly licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority; therefore, it is beyond reproach to assert that they strictly adhere to all regulations. This indicates that this casino is undoubtedly among the safest gambling establishments in existence.

Following Gonzo’s appearance on the homepage, I was taken aback to discover that the game appeared to be missing. Despite being able to locate Starburst and numerous other results, this may be something of a region-specific issue. Nevertheless, I am categorising the entire selection of games as a resounding success, given the remarkable degree of freedom of choice. Prominent organisations including Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Quickspin have collaborated to provide an intriguing assortment of games.

Finally, it is imperative to highlight the exceptional promotions that Europa Casino has developed. Players can anticipate receiving monthly bonuses, multiple deposit bonuses, and an abundance of other benefits.

Failure to make it

Despite its many positive attributes, Europa Casino does not rank among the top online casinos in my opinion. This is merely due to the fact that the website appears somewhat antiquated and requires an overhaul. However, nothing appears to be significantly flawed with regard to the operational aspects of Europa Casino. Despite its advanced age, it lacks the youthfulness exhibited by certain competitors.

My preferred activities at the Europa casino

Always have been a huge fan of Playtech casino machines. However, this enormous company’s activities are primarily available at online casinos that have a close working relationship with them. They will certainly not distribute their applications to all individuals.

A Playtech slot machine that I particularly enjoy is Anaconda Wilds. This game’s absence of a true free spins mode is its most intriguing aspect. Rather than the customary three disperse symbols, the objective here is to obtain anaconda’s nest symbols. When you land one of these anywhere on the screen, an anaconda will emerge and encircle the symbol, generating wilds in its path. An additional free turn is awarded for each swift motion executed by the capricious serpent.

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